Utopia Secure

About Perth Systems Utopia Secure

Perth Systems Utopia Secure is a cloud based security solution ideal for businesses of any size. Powered by the highly awarded Bit Defender system, Utopia Secure features a lightweight agent installed on each workstation/server. Agents then report back to the cloud based management & reporting system where all configuration and monitoring takes place.

What are the benefits?

Unlike traditional security packages which can be large and cumbersome, the Utopia Secure agent is very small and light on system resources. Thus the impact on system performance is minimal, whilst providing equal to or even greater protection than traditional methods.

Traditional security products can be difficult to manage across multiple sites, and often require dedicated resources at each site. By removing the management and reporting functions to the cloud, managing multiple devices across many sites becomes a breeze. You even have the ability to distribute a local site agent to download and host the definition files – reducing the load on expensive VPN or internet links.

Typically the cost of installing and maintaining traditional on premise security packages can be quite high. Not only do you have the initial cost of purchasing and installing the software, but there’s an ongoing administrative overhead to manage and update the system. By using the power of the cloud, not only is the upfront cost generally lower, but you reduce the ongoing administrative overheads associated with running a traditional on premise solution.

Utopia Secure is also perfect for the home based, or small office sized business. In these environments most businesses tend to use a mix of freeware and home version products. Whilst these may do the job initially when they’re installed – they generally get neglected and thus are never updated or checked to see if there’s a problem. With Utopia Secure you have a centralized cloud based console that can show you all your computers, when they were last updated and if there’s any problems that need to be solved.

As Utopia Secure is centralized around a powerful cloud based management platform, making changes is easy. There’s no need to go to each computer individually and change the setting, just adjust it once within the management platform and that change will be reflected down to the agents where ever they are in the world when they next check-in.

Another great benefit to the Utopia Secure product is that it works across not only Windows and Mac environments, but can protect your Android and IOS based mobile devices as well – all from within the centralized cloud based console.

Additional Information

Perth Systems Utopia Secure pricing starts from just $6.00 per agent per month. Perth Systems also provides an optional managed service for Utopia Secure. Our technicians will monitor your agents and review any security alerts that the system generates. If an issue arises we’ll alert you immediately and you can either resolve the issue yourself, or we can organize one of our engineers to assist.

For more information click here to view the Utopia Secure brochure, or contact us today to discuss your requirements!