Utopia Backup

A Word About Your Data

Too often in business we overlook the most important thing that business relies on: up-to-date, un-corrupt data. We take for granted the day to day operations of business and too often assume that our computers and servers will simply continue to work without problem.

Backups of any nature are a fundamental and critical component of continuity in business. Have you performed a backup today?

Some Important Facts

  • A hard drive crashes every 15 seconds
  • 2,000 laptops are stolen or lost every day
  • 32% of data loss is caused by human error
  • 31% of PC users have lost all of their PC files due to events beyond their control
  • 25% of lost data is due to the failure of a portable drive
  • 44% of data loss caused by mechanical failures
  • 15% or more of laptops are stolen or suffer hard drive failures
  • 1 in 5 computers suffer a fatal hard drive crash during their lifetime
  • in 2007 GE money lost a backup tape containing 650,000 customers credit‐card information

About Perth Systems Utopia Backup

Perth Systems Utopia Backup is a cloud based backup solution ideal for small businesses. Once the client is installed and configured on your computer or server it run automatically according to the schedule specified and backup your critical data to our secure data centres based in Perth WA.

What are the benefits?

Perth Systems Utopia Backup is a completely automated process to backup your data offsite. This means your backups are no longer reliant on staff remembering to change the tapes or external hard disks. They continue to run when you take holidays, or someone calls in sick. Your data is no longer sitting on an external hard disk in someone’s car, but stored securely in an encrypted format in our local Perth Based Data Centres.

Each time the backup runs a simple to read report will be email to your designated email address. This report shows whether the backup completed successfully and if there were any files skipped. If you would prefer not to worry about it at all – your backup reports can be sent directly to us and reviewed by one of our technicians. If for whatever reason the backup doesn’t succeed will will contact you and assist with resolving the problem.

Professional services companies such as Medical Centre’s, Accountants and Lawyers need not worry about their confidential data being stored over seas in an unknown country. Your data is stored locally in Perth WA either in our CBD or Joondalup Data Centre’s.

As your data is kept locally here in Perth, we can have your data exported to a USB hard disk and couriered to you within hours.


Where’s my data kept?

Your data is securely stored in our Perth Based Data Centres. Our Data Centre’s feature multiple high speed internet links, Redundant filtered power supplies, fire and heat suppression as well as physical security to keep out unauthorized people.

Is my data safe?

Your data is encrypted locally on your computer using military grade 256 bit AES encryption prior to being sent to our data centre. Your data is remains in it’s encrypted state whilst stored in our data centre. 

Do you support Servers?

Yes! Perth Systems Utopia Backup can protect file servers, Exchange mailboxes, SQL data bases as well as System State and Active Directory.

How much storage space will my backups require?

The exact amount of storage will depend on what kind of data your backing up. Perth Systems Utopia Backup features advanced deduplication and compression technology to reduce the required amount of offsite storage. Deduplication identifies blocks of data that are identical and only transfers unique blocks.

How does the backup process work?

The first time the backup runs will take the longest. The client software analyses all the data to be backed up, then encrypts and compresses it before it gets transmitted to our data centres. This initial backup can take a number of hours or days depending on the amount of data. We do also offer the service whereby the initial backup can be done to an external hard disk which is then sent directly to our data centre to be loaded into our backup cloud.

After the initial backup has been completed all ongoing backups are “incremental”. Incremental means that only data that has changed since the last backup will be recognized as new data and thus will be backed up. If a small portion of larger file has been changed, only the small changes will be transferred, keeping the data transfer to an absolute minimum.

How do i get my data back?

Within the software is a easy to use recovery wizard which can restore individual files or entire folders. You can also search backups using keywords to find a file that was accidently deleted or changed. In the event you need all your data back , an encrypted hard drive can be couriered straight to you within hours.

Can i keep a local copy too?

Yes! Perth Systems Utopia Backup can also backup to a local USB hard disk or a network location.

How much does it cost and how do i sign up?

Contact us and we’ll send you an application form.