Utopia Services

Utopia – a place where everything is perfect and works in complete harmony.

Perth Systems Utopia Services are a range of cloud based solutions aimed at providing your business with a competitive advantage over their competition. Small businesses are unique in the way they require a level of flexibility and scalability without the associated price tag. As a small business ourselves, we understand these needs and as such our products are designed to easily grow or shrink as your business demands.

We don’t lock you in to long term contracts with expensive exit clauses. You pay by the month for the service you require. If you take on a large contract and expand your staff you can easily add additional services, when the projects over you reduce it back down again.

There’s no additional expensive back-end server or network equipment to purchase.

Our Utopia Solutions include the following products

Utopia Backup – an easy to use backup solution

Utopia Online – Domain Name registration, DNS and Web Hosting [Page Coming Soon!]

Utopia Secure – Anti-Virus/Malware protection, including software firewall and Internet management

Utopia Exchange– Hosted Exchange based email services

Utopia Communicate - VOIP, Hosted Phone Systems and Internet Services [Page Coming Soon!]