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Please be advised there is an extremely malicious virus making the rounds at present called CryptoWall. This is the latest generation of ransomware whereby it encrypts all your folders and demands an amount of money to unlock or decrypt your files. Most often even if you pay the ransom your unable to recover your files.

It is being received by email, appearing to be a resume or job application with a zip file attachment. By opening this attachment or the files it contains, it installs on your computer an immediately begins encrypting all drive’s attached to your computer – including network drives.

This infection runs completely in the background, and most likely the first time you will even notice is when you try to open a file and it appears to be corrupted. When looking in folders you may notice files labelled HELP_DECRYPT – in multiple file formats.

If you receive an email with a zip file attachment from someone you don’t know, or that appears to be a resume please delete it immediately (without opening). If you have opened the file already, please turn your computer off straight away, disconnect it from the network (remove the blue network cable) and contact us immediately.

At present there is no way to recover files once they have been encrypted – except by recovering from backups, however if your backups are directly attached to the infected computer these can be corrupted too.

Please distribute this to your staff so they are also aware.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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